Funbites [Review]

Let me paint the scene for you: your kid is doing their thing spinning, chewing, playing. Then, all of a sudden they come up to you demanding food.... Read More →

Cow Patties Cloth Diaper [Review]

I love Son’s of Anarchy! I know it is so violent and full of horror, but when I came across the show last summer I just couldn’t put it down. I thi... Read More →

InfantTech Baby Always In View (Review)

Being a first-time parent is nerve-wracking enough, but then eventually you have to put your little in the car and drive somewhere without being in... Read More →

Fodeez Frames (Review)

Since 2007, I have been a Mac girl. I never really played into the iPhone hype, but you will have to seriously impress me in order for me to give u... Read More →

Sock Ons (Review)

My kid decided recently it was time to put on his big boy pants and no I don’t mean potty training (but that would be nice.) Apparently this meant ... Read More →

‘Big Hero 6’ Brotherly Love

If the is one thing we love in this Geek Family household it is robots and Disney. So the fact that Disney's new movie has BOTH is enough for all o... Read More →

[Giveaway] Nerd Block Jr. Review & Giveaway

I am currently obsessed with monthly subscription boxes. (It really is amazing how many surprise boxes you can have just shipped to your house. Its... Read More →

Avengers 2: Age of Ultron Trailer Is Here To Blow Your Mind

And Marvel movies just get darker and darker and I am in geek heaven! This new movie has everything you could ask for from Joss Whedon: sadistic tr... Read More →


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