Play Minecraft ALL Summer at Minecraft Camp

I have every intention of shoving S.T.E.M. down my children’s throats, but you know in a fun good mom kind of way. I plan to raise engineers if it’... Read More →

4 Ways to Enjoy Summer Evenings with Your Family

With all those kids home for the summer keeping them entertained from dawn to dusk isn't always easy. Lindsey Smallwood over at Read More →

Geek Baby Newborn Photos

Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I procreate like a boss. I know all babies are cute and moms are totally biased, but seriously adorable ba... Read More →

My Mario Kart Wedding

My husband told me that he loved me because I kicked his butt at Mario Kart at his 24th Birthday party. I am not going to lie, I totally destroyed ... Read More →

Zoodex: The Pokemon Guide to the Zoo

  Gotta Catch Up All, POKEMON! We all know the song, have our favorite little monsters and have all wondered why is it ok for a little kid ... Read More →

Nintendo Launches Website “Play Nintendo” Just For Kids and Parents

Nintendo launches website Nintendo Play just for kids and parents Nintendo has been fighting to find it’s place in this new gaming world and it ... Read More →


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