4 Ways to Enjoy Summer Evenings with Your Family

With all those kids home for the summer keeping them entertained from dawn to dusk isn't always easy. Lindsey Smallwood over at Read More →

Once Upon A Time – Nursery Ideas

I love Once Upon A Time! There is just so much awesome that oozes from that show that I just get all giddy when Monday morning comes around and I g... Read More →

Baby Shower – Monster Themed

Back when Geek Baby was just referred to as Yoshi in my belly, my mom threw me an awesome Monster Themed Baby Shower. It was full of lots of goggle... Read More →

20+ Mardi Gras Baby & Toddler Activities

I am always on the prowl for new and fun activities for Geek Baby to do to help keep him distracted from all those teeth he is trying to grow. Holi... Read More →

How To Make A Kissing Booth (For Babies/Toddlers)

As you know, I love any opportunity to take adorable pictures of Geek Baby. So, naturally with Valentine’s Day around the corner, I knew we needed ... Read More →

Very Hungry Caterpillar Party

There is nothing more supportive and awesome then being pregnant with your best friends. Yes, my two best friends and I were prego together! They w... Read More →

Make A Cart/High Chair Cover – Batman Style [DIY]

So, we can all agree that germs are bad and without fail when you go to the grocery store you will get the cart the most recently had the snottiest... Read More →

Big Hero 6 Birthday Party

There are two things in this world my husband loves almost as much as Geek Baby and myself: Disney and Robots. So, the release for Big Hero 6 resul... Read More →

Sock Ons (Review)

My kid decided recently it was time to put on his big boy pants and no I don’t mean potty training (but that would be nice.) Apparently this meant ... Read More →

Baby Pull-Up Bar [DIY]

My little man is on the move and just dieing to stand and walk. Problem is, we don’t have any furniture for geek baby to practice pulling himself u... Read More →


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