4 Ways to Enjoy Summer Evenings with Your Family

With all those kids home for the summer keeping them entertained from dawn to dusk isn't always easy. Lindsey Smallwood over at Read More →

How to throw a Geeky Birthday and Stay on a Budget

I love a good party and the better & geekier the theme the better! However, not all themes allow you to just go to a store and buy everything y... Read More →

20+ Mardi Gras Baby & Toddler Activities

I am always on the prowl for new and fun activities for Geek Baby to do to help keep him distracted from all those teeth he is trying to grow. Holi... Read More →

Ultimate List of Indoor/Cold Weather Activities

Man has it been cold! We have been bundling up for weeks trying to stay warm and keep our house from becoming an icebox. We have focused mostly on ... Read More →

Baby Pull-Up Bar [DIY]

My little man is on the move and just dieing to stand and walk. Problem is, we don’t have any furniture for geek baby to practice pulling himself u... Read More →

26 Captain America Crafts

Veteran's Day is a special day to me. My husband is currently active military and my dad was a Marine for 10 years. It has been a great life and a ... Read More →

Zoodex: The Pokemon Guide to the Zoo

  Gotta Catch Up All, POKEMON! We all know the song, have our favorite little monsters and have all wondered why is it ok for a little kid ... Read More →


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