Funbites [Review]

Funbites [Review]

Let me paint the scene for you: your kid is doing their thing spinning, chewing, playing. Then, all of a sudden they come up to you demanding food. You go to the kitchen and whip together a delicious meal, let us say a sandwich and some fruit. You put your little in their highchair and present them with the same food they always eat, but alas they won’t eat. No amount of airplane-ing will get this kid to eat and inevitably the plate of food will end up on the floor.

Does this sound like your house? Maybe your every meal?

Geek baby has recently discovered that if he feed his food to the dogs they will give him attention and he pretty much think that is the greatest thing in the world. On top of the fact that getting him to eat is a struggle because all he wants to do is play, Funbites came into my life at the perfect time.

Funbites is all about making food fun! Whether it is in squares, heart or triangles Funbites allows for your kids to essentially play with their food. Picky eaters are mostly just bored, but if you are able to present their food in a fun and silly way, getting them to eat is a breeze.

I got to use Funbite ‘Hungry Harry’ design aka the squares. The square were perfect for us because geek baby isn’t really familiar with shapes yet, but he does like his food bite size since he is only 6 teeth in. The Funbites squares made cutting pineapple and watermelon so easy and they were nice and small for him to just pick up and pop in his mouth.

I also got to have fun in the kitchen too by playing with his food. When I see squares, I think 8 but. So I made some fun food designs. What do you think?

8 bit food

8 bit food

Funbites was recently on Shark Tank were Bobbie, the owner, partnered with Lori Greiner to not only get pushed in a major way into the big box stores, but also to help Funbites move into licensing. So it is safe to say there will probably be some Marvel and Disney food shapes in the future.

Watch Funbites on Shark Tank here!

Funbites really is a fun and easy way to get your littles to eat their food and have fun while eating. This is definitely geek baby (and geek mom) approved!

Catch our replay of our Periscope below.


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