Play Minecraft ALL Summer at Minecraft Camp

Play Minecraft ALL Summer at Minecraft Camp

I have every intention of shoving S.T.E.M. down my children’s throats, but you know in a fun good mom kind of way. I plan to raise engineers if it’s the last thing I do! (I hope you read that with a happy supportive tone vs the judgmental, really lady tone I had when I re-read that statement.) But learning is suppose to be magical and fun, but I know a lot of you parents struggle with finding ways to get your kids interested in coding and learning. I can only imagine how that struggle increases when your kids are on summer break while also not breaking the bank to keep them entertained.

Introducing, Minecraft Camp from Connected Camps. This summer camp can be done from the safety and supervision of your own home, with all the help and interaction from peers and counselors. This 4-week camp experience will teach kids:

  • Problem solving
  • Advanced building techniques
  • Online and web literacy
  • Collaboration and community organization
  • Digital citizenship

All this while playing Minecraft! For real, this looks like crazy fun, check it out:

This camp is recommended for kids 9-13 and runs from July 6th – August 2nd, but what is really fun is that there is an adult class for those big kids who want to do more with the tool and also have more fun with their Minecraft loving kids.

Oh, did we mention we are offering an exclusive discount!!! Use discount code DF50 and get $50 off the course! 

This really looks like a ton of fun and I can’t wait for my littles to be old enough to participate. What do you think?

Minecraft Camp


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