To The Mom With The Sick Kid, Please Go Home!

To The Mom With The Sick Kid, Please Go Home!

Dear Mom with the sick kid at the play place, please take your kid home!

Seriously, what in the hell were you thinking dragging your toddler to the community play area when they are clearly sick. What’s that you said, oh it’s just allergies. Bullsh*t! This kid has yellow crusties surrounding his eyes and giant green snot wads sitting on his upper lip.

For real, what were you thinking?! I see that you have two other kids in tow as you sit down to ice coffee with your girlfriends in your stylish outfit and perfect hair. Are you trying to tell me that you needed to get out of the house because having 3 kids is a lot of work and you just want some girl time? Well, you know what beauty queen, we all need some girl time! Doesn’t mean that we are inconsiderate enough to bring our sick child to play with all the other kids. You better believe you aren’t going to have any more girlfriends if it’s your kid that brings the plague to their family forcing them into 2 weeks of house arrest while they responsibly stay at home watching Daniel Tiger on repeat while wiping noses and tending to congested coughs.

Oh you came out to play for your non-sick kids? Oh well, please how rude of me. I guess those girlfriends you are chatting with aren’t caring enough to take your two other kids to play while you quarantine your one sick kid and pray to the gods that the rest of your family doesn’t get sick, too. Might be time to look for new friends.

As all of the other moms are grabbing their kids trying to keep them as far away from your snot monster as possible while wiping them down with sanitary wipe and try to figure out what other place they can take their kids, I can’t help but wonder how you had time to do your hair and makeup so perfectly that you look like a Pinterest tutorial image. But silly me, I guess the fact that you were inconsiderate enough to bring your infectious spawn to a public space shows me how much you probably care about your children over yourself.

But I don’t know what you are going through right now. I don’t care what you are going through in your personal life, you should be courteous enough to not bring your sick kid somewhere where he can get other children sick. You know how miserable it is for everyone when your kid is sick, why would you wish that upon your friends and fellow moms in your community. If you need to talk, pick up the damn phone or have your friends over after you put your kids to sleep and sanitized the dining room. I am positive they would rather drink wine without kids around then get coffee while having to keep one eye on their kids and not giving you their full attention.

So, for real mom with the snot nose brat running around the play place, do everyone a favor and go home.


  • Green Beach Sox

    Infected spawn… Funny. Tell us how you really feel 🙂 Why can’t people be more considerate? The poor kids want to play, I get it. Let them play- when they aren’t sick!

    • Desiree Martinez

      Glad you agree. I understand if they are just getting over something and that you cannot keep kids from germs (nor should you) but he really should have been at home getting snuggles.

  • Chris Souchack

    I hope I would wish her well, knowing that she would not want any other child to be sick. And maybe ask if she needed any help. Thanks for the topic.

    • Desiree Martinez

      She was there for a coffee meet up with her girlfriends. She totally wasn’t present for her son and it took me yelling into an open area to even find out who his mom was. It was really negligent and sad. 🙁

  • CourtneyLynne Storms

    Ughhh sick kiddos!!!! This one drives me nuts and my daughter is only 3! I’m just waiting for when she starts real school…. I’m probably going to lose it one day when she’s surrounded by sick ones lol

    • Desiree Martinez

      I just think sick babies should be at home snuggling with their mamas on the couch. I don’t want to keep my little from the all the germs, but I don’t think his mom made the best choice in going out with her girlfriends that day.

  • Alana

    I am going to have to agree to disagree on this one. When my daughter was young, I too was insulted to see snotty nose kids out in public. She rarely got sick and when she did, it was in the above described scenario. Fast forward to my daughter being two, my son one. We had the good fortune of living in an area where most public schools had a classroom set up for younger children, not yet school aged to drop in, play,and have circle time. That year first year, my kids got sick every other week. After a while, It seemed every kid there was always either getting over a cold on the verge of one. I kept my kids home when they were really sick but if it was a just few sniffles, we went anyways. Every kid is building their immunity up and also putting their mouths on almost everything. The following year was way, way better because I think they were less sensitive to every little germ that came their way (I could be wrong). My little story aside, the biggest point counter consideration to your point is that kids in a social setting do get sick from each other all too regularly. I have had many dear, considerate, compassionate friends that have expressed their dismay at not being able to take EVERY day their kid gets sick off of work. If they’re really sick, yes! If they need to see a doctor, of course! If their on antibiotics or have croup or bronchitis, they’re home. But the common cold, they just can’t do it every single time for the entire duration of the child’s sickness. So, they go to daycare. I know you come from a place of good intention and protectiveness for your child and others health. And your point makes sense. I think it just a bit too extreme.

  • Alyssa Kolsky Hertzig

    YESSSSSSSS. I think a seasonal runny nose is one thing (I mean, some kids have those all winter long!), but an obviously sick kid or a fever?? Stayyyy hommmmmeee!

  • Shann Eva

    I totally agree with you. When the twins were little, we had to stay isolated at home for two winters because of situations just like this. For a kid with a normal immune system, it may be fine, but when you have a weakened one, a simple cold can land you in the hospital. I wish people would consider this.

  • Tanisha Gomez

    I agree, if my son was sick I would never take my him to anywhere he could get other kids sick. I wouldn’t wish a sick kid on any other parent, and I would be upset if someone brought their kid to the playground when they’re clearly sick. Wait a few days ’till they’re better, sheesh.


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