Geek Spawn #2

Geek Spawn #2

That’s right, I did it. I made another baby. I doing my due diligence to spread my seed and fill the world social awkward geeks that know way too much about movies, tv shows and comic books. And it has 100% totally knocked me on my ass. It has been a rough 18 weeks of growing a person, but I am finally able to function like a normal human being. I have very slowly gotten my energy back and am starting operation get-shit-done.

Unlike, with geek baby, making #2 wasn’t as easy. Don’t get me wrong I know there are some people out there that struggle for years with making babies, but in the 3 months it took us to make chocobo (that’s what we call it) I was going a little crazy. We made geek baby with like NO effort. While, yes he was a honeymoon baby so there was lots of time to make the happen, it still was really easy.

With chocobo, not so much. It was really planned. Thats the only way I can describe it. I downloaded an ovulation tracker and monitored dates and planned out gettin’ busy nights (which I tried to make as fun and sexy as possible even though I was all ‘hey lets get to work!’) But still it kind of became a job, for both of us. We were kind of on a clock because we are trying to bust out our kids while we have 100% medical coverage via the Air Force and my husbands contract and we also wanted to have our kids close together. Yes we want them to be friends but mostly I want to get this baby phase over with. I want to be done with diapers, teething, impossible communication and random sleep issues done all at once so we can move onto the fun stuff like watching Star Wars, traveling and learning and all the other non-baby things.

After 3 months and a few pregnancy tests we found out we were a go for #2 while visiting family in Colorado. Since then, my life has been about keeping geek baby alive and fairly content while trying not to die from exhaustion, pains, bowel-movements and limited diet. Seriously, I have been living off Special K my whole pregnancy.

This pregnancy is NOTHING like my first. Everything is different, weirder and harder. I know a lot of it is because I didn’t have toddler to chase around the first time, but it is hardcore extremely different. I even changed doctors, hospitals and my birth plan (this one is a planned csection per the recommendation of my doctor.) I am trying my best to just go with it, but it isn’t always that easy.

So, now to just do all the pre-baby things and buy all the baby stuff and of course find out what we are having. Naturally, we will have a super fun geeky announcement. So stay tuned for all the fun geek prego things and of course fun geeky toddler things that I have in the works. Make sure you are following me on Instagram for all the extra fun things we have going on @mymomsgeeky

Time to nap!

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  • twinklergirl

    So excited for you and I understand so many of the things! Although my pregnancies were flipped. My easy one was the second time… Kinda hard to believe I did it a second time after the first *winkwink* but mine are 23 months apart to the day and now that they are 9 and 11, life is starting to get easier.

    I had morning (afternoon, evening, nighttime, daytime, all-the-time) sickness with the first one. She slept through the night consistently when she reached about 4 years old.

    Number 2 – slept through the night at 6 weeks. I kept checking to see if he was breathing. I was so confused by all that…

    Good luck! You’re a great mom and if you ever need to talk mommy stuff – I have a little bit of history with it. (Some of my better works are still online even…)

    • Desiree Martinez

      Thanks! It has been surreal let me tell ya, but I am getting back to it so I am thankful for that. Now I just need to wait until Nov to have sushi again and I will be a happy mama. #wantwhatIcanthave


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