Moms, Let Your Friends Help You

My husband and I are going through some things. Nothing horrible or divorce looming, but just some things. I am one of those people that needs to t... Read More →

5 Ways To Fight Mom Depression

I started working when I was 13, hustling hotdogs for my church at college football games. I then spent the next 16 years of my life working. I wor... Read More →

Funbites [Review]

Let me paint the scene for you: your kid is doing their thing spinning, chewing, playing. Then, all of a sudden they come up to you demanding food.... Read More →

So, Let Me Tell You About My Day

Apparently, 14 months is the magic number that turn your sweet little baby into a toddler monster. Yea, he is cute and makes adorable faces and wat... Read More →

Play Minecraft ALL Summer at Minecraft Camp

I have every intention of shoving S.T.E.M. down my children’s throats, but you know in a fun good mom kind of way. I plan to raise engineers if it’... Read More →

How to throw a Geeky Birthday and Stay on a Budget

I love a good party and the better & geekier the theme the better! However, not all themes allow you to just go to a store and buy everything y... Read More →

Class of 2015, Don’t Go To College

As millions of high school seniors walk across stages to get their diplomas with their families cheering and crying in the stands, makes me think a... Read More →

To The Mom With The Sick Kid, Please Go Home!

Dear Mom with the sick kid at the play place, please take your kid home! Seriously, what in the hell were you thinking dragging your toddler to ... Read More →

Geek Spawn #2

That’s right, I did it. I made another baby. I doing my due diligence to spread my seed and fill the world social awkward geeks that know way too m... Read More →


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